Minnesota is home to one of the nation's largest systems of manmade drainage ditches.  Artificial drainage systems provide a framework for moving water across the landscape.  Agricultural drainage in Faribault County consists of 115 public drainage systems and countless miles of private tile.  Within Faribault County's borders, over 240 miles of public open ditch and 700 miles of tile remove excess water from the landscape.  This is in addition to approximately 460 miles of natural flowing rivers and streams.
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How it all began
Public drainage projects began in the mid 1800's for public health purposes and to remove excess water for agricultural and urban storm water.  The first public ditch established in Faribault County was in June 1904.  It is CD3 in Lura, Barber, and Walnut Lake townships.
Multipurpose Drainage Management
Fast forward to today, the SWCD has access to external sources of funding for water quality improvements, wetland restoration, or flood control purposes on drainage systems.  The SWCD can assist to facilitate multipurpose drainage management practices to reduce erosion and sedimentation, reduce peak flows and flooding, and improve water quality, while protecting drainage system efficiency and reducing drainage system maintenance.  Practices include eligible on-field, on-farm, and on-drainage system practices within the benefited area or watershed of a county drainage system.  Eligible practices may include:


  • Drop inlet style side inlet
  • Grassed waterway
  • Water and sediment control basin
  • Open tile inlet replacement
  • Storage and treatment wetland restoration
  • Drainage water management
  • Structure for water control
  • Saturated buffer
  • Denitrifying bioreactor
The SWCD has partnered with the Faribault County Drainage Authority and Drainage Department on multipurpose drainage management planning and practice implementation on priority systems throughout the county.  Contact the Drainage Department or SWCD at (507) 526-2300 for further information.

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