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Faribault SWCD must report annually to Faribault County Board of Commissioners, BWSR, MPCA, and other state agencies on funding provided to the district.
Clean Water Fund (CWF) Competitive Grant Report  
The Clean Water Fund was established to implement part of Article XI, Section 15, of the Minnesota Constitution, with the purpose of protecting, enhancing, and restoring water quality in lakes, rivers, and streams in addition to protecting groundwater and drinking water sources from degradation.
Buffer Law
Beginning in 2015, buffer law grants are allocated to SWCDs to enhance compliance with riparian buffer or alternative practice requirements.
Buffer Cost Share
  • 2018

SWCD Capacity
Beginning in 2016, capacity grants are allocated to each SWCD for the purposes of increased organizational capacity and operational funding. 

Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) Summary Report
The SWCD annually reports to BWSR on funds received for the implementation of the Local Water Management Plan, which includes the Wetland Conservation Act (WCA), Shoreland, and Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems (SSTS).
Conservation Delivery
Conservation Delivery grants provide each SWCD with funds for the general administration and operation of the district.
Easement Delivery
Easement delivery grants are allocated to each SWCD as compensation for local monitoring of easements and conducting spot checks.
Minnesota Ag Water Quality Certification Program
MAWQCP is a voluntary opportunity for farmers to take the lead in implementing conservation practices that protect our water.

Cost Share Base Grant Summary Report 

Annual County Feedlot Officer (CFO)  Report
The legislature provides funding to Faribault County to implement state feedlot regulations based primarily on the number of feedlots.  The posted reports show the amount and work that was completed for the previous year.  The County Feedlot Officer (CFO) should be contacted for any additional information.

Annual Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) Report 

Annual Shoreland Report 

Annual Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Report 

Biennial Budget Request (BBR)
The BBR is intended to serve as the SWCD's annual plan of work, support local water management planning and project development, and improve state and local coordination of funds used by local governments for project and activity implementation. 

Annual Budget

Audit Report
The Faribault SWCD is subject to audit under the oversight of the Office of the State Auditor.

Financial Report



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